7 Fine Arts Grand Opening — TUESDAY @ 4:00

7 Fine Arts Grand Opening — TUESDAY @ 4:00

(via press release)

The unique artisan community of Hoboken is about to get a little finer with the Grand Opening of 7 Fine Arts, located at 159 4th Street, one block from Church Square Park.

For the last three years, founder and artist Sheri Alimonda has been sharing her secret techniques of the European masters to her students to teach everything from landscapes that look like they belong in a museum (oh, and the artist is 9) to heirloom portraits (that artist is 10).

The demand for her “Paint with Sheri” sessions, where seven year-olds began producing masterpieces, led her to open a storefront, which she speedily renovated to boast a blend of a Bohemian get-your-smock-messy vibe and a prestigious gallery, where artists in the community are invited to showcase their own art.

“Anyone can learn how to paint, at any age,” says Sheri. “I’ve seen painting do everything from increase self-esteem in children to calming the nerves of busy adults to bringing families together through art appreciation.”

7 Fine Arts is a gallery as well as an atelier for beginners, intermediates, and experts, who want to tap their inner DaVincis and Fredas, or at the very least, reap the physical and emotional benefits of art enrichment.

“Painting is vital to your mental health,” says Sheri, “especially when we are looking for experiences to beat the dark winter doldrums, add enrichment opportunities to school-aged children, pick up an old beloved hobby again, strengthen hand-eye coordination, increase attention spans, or simply enjoy a colorful night life.”

Come and meet Sheri Alimonda at her Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on November 24th at 4pm and learn more about how her studio and gallery will provide Hoboken with the finer things in life. She should know, as Sheri’s art has been exhibited in Monmouth Museum of Art, the Museum of TV and Radio in Beverly Hills, and her instruction has been seen on “Good Day New York” and on Celebrity, Princess, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Private, group, parent and child, special events, and advanced classes are now open for registration!

Release your inner creative, learn the fine arts.


Authored by: hMAG