ACTIVE THERAPY: Exercise-Based Healing with The Spine & Sports Health Center

ACTIVE THERAPY: Exercise-Based Healing with The Spine & Sports Health Center

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The benefits of keeping fit are well established. Beyond simply looking good, a solid fitness regimen is essential for maintaining energy, strength, flexibility, mental clarity and even happiness—all while naturally fighting heart disease or other degenerative conditions.

One buzz-phrase often heard in reference to working out is “no pain, no gain.” While it’s important to work hard to maintain a certain level of performance, there may come a point when the pain inhibits the gain. That’s when active, otherwise healthy individuals will need to consider treatment.

“Any time you’re feeling acute pain, or even numbness or tingling,” says Alex Visco, M.D., “you’re going to want to consult a medical professional.”

As the medical director of The Spine & Sports Health Center, Dr. Visco is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and specializes in interventional pain management, sports medicine, and neurologic disorders.

“Most people experience some degree of pain when they’re working out. But if that pain lingers, or becomes more prevalent while they’re active, then it’s abnormal,” he says. “Warning signs can include clicking or locking in a joint, a decreased range of motion, or instability from a joint giving out—which sometimes results in a loss of balance.”

With easy-to-reach locations in Hoboken, Jersey City and Bayonne, The Spine & Sports Health Center offers comprehensive musculoskeletal care to patients throughout Hudson County and the New York Metro Area.

“We’ll see a lot of runners who are experiencing pain in the knee,” says Dr. Visco, “as well as a lot of weight lifters, crossfitters, tennis players or golfers.”

Disappointed by some of the common scenarios he had seen elsewhere—rushed appointments, ambivalent staff, and limited access to personnel or proactive care and therapy—Dr. Visco decided to do things differently when he opened his own practice.

“At The Spine & Sports Health Center our goal is always to get you back on track as soon as possible. We do this by designing a comprehensive plan which usually involves active physical therapy. As opposed to a passive treatment where patients sit idle for their recovery period, we work to heal injured muscle/tendon/ligament through exercise—strengthening not only the injured muscle but the muscles surrounding it, as well,” says Visco.

What’s key about The Spine & Sports Health Center is that it’s a one-stop shop that offers cutting-edge, non-invasive alternatives to orthopedic surgery. There’s no need for a referral from a general practitioner—patients who are experiencing pain can come directly to The Spine & Sports Health Center and begin treatments immediately.

“We’re a medical clinic specializing in spine and joint pain, featuring top-notch ivy league doctors who combine the latest treatments across a wide range of disciplines. We use a proper diagnostic skill set and an added level of sophistication to design the most effective treatment plans possible for our individual patients,” says Dr. Visco. “By evaluating and picking out specific weaknesses in the area that needs treatment, we then stabilize the weaknesses and send our patients back out to resume their active lifestyles—often times stronger than they ever were before.”

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing pain as a result of their fitness regimen, The Spine & Sports Health Center can get started on a treatment plan right away.

“Patients can visit our website, email our doctors, call into our office or even stop by any one of our three locations,” says Dr. Visco.

Offices can be found at 720 Monroe Street, Suite C208 in Hoboken’s Monroe Center, 123 Tidewater Street in Downtown Jersey City (near Jersey City Medical Center) or 764 Broadway, in the heart of Bayonne. A strong, experienced staff is on hand to coordinate between patients and their individual insurance providers, with the aim of streamlining the entire treatment process.

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