Artists: Musician Rob Ventura

Artists: Musician Rob Ventura

Story by: Melissa Colangelo

Image courtesy of Rob Ventura

Artist Rob Ventura, new to the Hoboken art scene, wasn’t always a visual artist. In fact, Ventura didn’t start painting until he was an undergrad at Boston College. His interest in the fine arts stemmed from researching artists like Kavinsky who “shared the truth about painting a composition in a musical sense.” His interest in music turned into more of an interest in art, and so he began to pursue this passion.

As a person of the 21st century, Ventura has a love for technology, which he fuses together with traditional art to create unique, abstract pieces. Ventura begins his art process by making an image on Illustrator, projecting it on canvas and lastly, hand painting the image. The outcome is a modern, vibrant, crisp piece.

Visit and make sure to check out Ventura’s artwork at the Proto Gallery show opening July 27th at 66 Willow Ave. ••

Authored by: hMAG