ASK YOUR BARTENDER: Green Rock Tap & Grill’s Adrienne Laurén

ASK YOUR BARTENDER: Green Rock Tap & Grill’s Adrienne Laurén

by Darren Paltrowitz

In 2015, there are very few bars in New Jersey that offer a beer for a dollar without a catch. Hoboken’s Green Rock Tap & Grill (70 Hudson Street)is the only bar in-town I can think of with that offering.

Discounted drinks aside, the Green Rock Tap & Grill is also acclaimed for its Burger Of The Month and Craft Of The Month selections. And for those who rely on the PATH train for their transportation needs, few bars are closer to the Hoboken PATH station than Green Rock. In turn, the Green Rock has a unique clientele, a mix of people who work nearby, locals on their way home, and night owls who may it their destination.

Bartender Adrienne Laurén kindly took the time to answer some Q&A about not only her establishment but her trade. Beyond the bar, Adrienne can be tracked on Instagram at aigeybaby and followed on Twitter via @aigeybaby.

hMAG: I’ve heard the Green Rock Tap & Grill referred to as “that place with the dollar beers.” Is there a more favorable way you have of describing the place?

Adrienne Laurén: There is no doubt that Green Rock is known for its almost unbelievable deals—their two-for-one Wednesday burger special is actually what first brought me in—but this popular downtown tap and grill is so much more than that. Green Rock’s perfect location, which is seconds away from the PATH, its close-knit—and might I add hilarious—staff and its great mix of music all work together to create an energetic and cool vibe that guarantees a great time.

H: Green Rock has a lot of specials, changing them on a daily basis. Can you recommend one that that’s especially unique?

A: Green Rock’s Burger Of The Month special is definitely my favorite and one that I personally always recommend. Every month the Green Rock staff designs a new burger to feature and it’s one that is always season-appropriate. What’s on this month’s menu, you ask? Our famous Thanksgiving Burger of course! Pair it with Long Trail Pumpkin, our Craft of the Month, and BAM, you have the perfect mouth-watering meal!

H: Being one of the closest bars to the Hoboken PATH train station, are most of the Green Rock regulars locals? Or do you find it to be a proper mix of locals, commuters and people from other areas?

A: One great thing about Green Rock is that its atmosphere changes throughout the day, so it brings in a variety of customers. During our lunch, you can find Hoboken locals enjoying a relaxing break with a delicious bite. Our happy hour brings in city commuters and local workers who want to grab a few mugs to relieve the stress of the workday; our upbeat happy hour music always gets our customers moving, so don’t be surprised if you see some breaking it down. And when the sun goes down, customers from in and out of town are sure to be found enjoying a fun dance party.

Green Rock - 70 Hudson Street

Green Rock – 70 Hudson Street

H: What’s your favorite item on the food menu?

A: I’m pretty sure I’ve tried just about every single thing on the menu by now, but recently my go-to is the Southwest Chicken with a side of sweet potato fries and our delicious honey mustard, of course. Although personally I prefer to go without either, you can make this menu option — marinated grilled chicken, fresh guacamole, Pico de Gallo and shredded cheddar — into a sandwich or a wrap. Having the option to customize your dish is always something I loved about the Rock!

H: How did you get your start as a bartender?

A: I started at a lounge/club when I studied at Rutgers and fell in love with the fast-paced, fun atmosphere that went hand-in-hand with creating happiness with a delicious drink.

H: What is your favorite part of bartending?

A: One great perk of working at this Tap & Grill is meeting and getting to know new people. But my absolute favorite thing is working besides great bartenders that I am happy to call my friends.

H: Do you remember which bar you celebrated your 21st birthday at?

A: The first bar I ventured to was Knight Club in Rutgers and was actually denied since the bouncer was unaware of the new license format. Rocking a light-up birthday sash—would you expect anything less?—and about half a bottle of Patron down, I’m pretty sure I shed a few tears and then carried on to the next bar on Easton Avenue.

H: When you’re not busy bartending how do you like to spend your free time?

A: Aside from working behind the Green Rock bar, I also model, act and fashion blog. Let’s just say I wear many hats! If you ask my friends, I am ALWAYS on the go doing something new, and although it seems like I am always busy—because I usually am—I absolutely love it.

H: Aside from the Green Rock Tap & Grill, do you have a favorite bar in town?

A: Green Rock is definitely home base for me; I love my Green Rock family! Aside from that, I love trying new spots and have lately been loving the downtown Jersey City vibe.

H: When not behind the bar, what is your drink of choice?

A: Although a whiskey girl at heart, lately, my go-to has been gin infused cocktails. My current fav? A cucumber gin martini!

H: Finally, Adrienne, any last words for the kids?

A: I assume this is the perfect section to drop in a shameless plug and on that note, be sure to come visit me behind the Green Rock bar on Saturdays and Sundays for a tasty drink, jokes that I probably only think are funny, and some good company.

Authored by: hMAG