BENNY TUDINO’S TURNS 50: ‘The Largest Slice’ Celebrates a Half Century in Hoboken

BENNY TUDINO’S TURNS 50: ‘The Largest Slice’ Celebrates a Half Century in Hoboken

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When people say Hoboken, the first response is usually Frank Sinatra. The second is Benny Tudino’s.

Since 1968, Benny Tudino's has been a staple of the Hoboken community.In a region where you can find a pizza joint on every other corner, “the Home of the Largest Slice” has become a tourist attraction unto itself—while maintaining a strong following among local denizens who are looking for a filling meal and a familiar face.

Born in Albania, Bari Drishti moved to New York and found work at Mamma Leone’s in Manhattan. He took over “Tudino’s” pizzeria at 622 Washington Street in 1968. From there, “Benny Tudino” was born, and a Hoboken institution took root.

Best known for its massive slices, many a Hobokenite have rushed from the delivery room straight to Tudino’s to pose their newborn bundle of joy next to a slice of heaven.

Memorial booth set up at Benny Tudino's

The walls are adorned with their pictures, as well as the pictures of scores of celebrities who have dined their—from Frank Sinatra to Joe Biden. Famous for catering to night owls, a slice of Benny Tudino’s has probably saved the lives of more than a few who have enjoyed Hoboken’s legendary nightlife scene over the years.

Sadly, Bari Drishti/Benny Tudino passed away in 2015—but his legend lives on.

This Sunday, October 14, Benny Tudino’s and the Drishti Family invite all of Hoboken to come by and celebrate 50 years of tradition and community as they hold a special event—featuring live music and attractions—from 1-5 p.m. outside their world-famous storefront at 622 Washington Street.

Bring the kids…

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