BODY PARTS: Hoboken’s Carla Katz to Deliver Revealing Performance at Solocom2017

BODY PARTS: Hoboken’s Carla Katz to Deliver Revealing Performance at Solocom2017

(ABOVE: image via The People’s Improv Theater)

What exactly is this “storytelling” thing the kids are into these days?

“Live storytelling has both an immediacy and an intimacy that makes it special,” says Hoboken resident Carla Katz. “The emotions and expressions of the storyteller combine with the reactions of the listeners to create a whole new dimension to the story. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Katz is prepared to step into the spotlight this Saturday, November 17 as she performs at Solocom2017—NYC’s Only All-New Solo Show Festival, in which artists are invited to debut brand new, solo comedic work of any kind at The People’s Improv Theater, a.k.a. The PIT (124 W. 29th Street).

Framed around the classic kids’ board game, Operation, Katz will dissect her life in a way that is uniquely blunt, while maintaining a constant dose of humor throughout the procedure.

“They will hear nakedly honest stories—some funny, some poignant, and each connected in some way to a particular body part,” says Katz. “My hope is that the audience will laugh, cringe, and maybe even shed an occasional tear, but mostly that they will see themselves in these human messes.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.23.22 PMThis show has a deeper Hoboken connection, as it’s being produced by Humorist/Storyteller extraordinaire Adam Wade—recording artist, 20-time winner of The Moth’s StorySLAM competition, regular contributor to NPR’s “All Thing’s Considered,” “The Moth Radio Hour” , and has appeared in everything from The New York Times to The New Yorker to the cover of hMAG.

“For the past two years, Adam has lovingly mentored me, helping me workshop each of the stories I will be telling in this show,” says Katz. “His brilliance, insights, and fierce encouragement have helped me to grow as a performer and a human. Truly.”

The show at The PIT will be Katz’s world premiere. Daunting as that may seem, she’s ready for her close up.

“Honestly, I’m psyched. Storytelling audiences are some seriously kindhearted and supportive folks and I know they’ll have my back,” she says, “or at least buy me a drink after the show.”

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Saturday, November 18th
5 p.m.
The PIT Loft — 154 W. 29th St., NYC
Tickets: $10



Authored by: hMAG