CATCH ‘EM WHILE YOU CAN: Area Talent Flocks to White Eagle Hall — FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1st

CATCH ‘EM WHILE YOU CAN: Area Talent Flocks to White Eagle Hall — FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1st

This Friday at White Eagle Hall, local label and promoter The Latest Noise presents a premier lineup —including James Calleo, Jamie Rose, Smoke and Mirror Routine, Christina Alessi & the Toll Collectors, Sylvana Joyce & The Moment and Big Wake—in an event that offers a spectacular look at our area’s most exciting, rising live music acts on one single stage.

These acts have gained a tremendous following wowing live music fans at pubs and clubs in Hoboken. They look to bring that momentum with them to the stage they deserve at Jersey City’s White Eagle Hall—ideally strengthening Hudson County’s overall cultural ecosystem.

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“I think Hoboken as a smaller footprint invites a little more collaboration among the musicians as we cross each other’s paths both figuratively and literally,” says Mike Kuzan, of The Latest Noise. “I was introduced to the scene after being involved in Jaime DeJesus’s ALEO Productions Last Waltz a couple years back and immediately was drawn to the collaborative and supportive nature of 30+ musicians coming together to make an event happen. It’s something bigger than the individual musicians and as a musician and a human there is something really beautiful in that,” he says. “There’s enough bullshit out there, music should be a place of connection, communication and healing.  I think the Hoboken scene fosters that in a very special way.  In Jersey City there’s more of an overall art scene that goes along with the music so you’ll see a lot of cross over between musicians, artists and poets. Frank Ippolito‘s Spaghetti Sessions which is a monthly songwriter hang that he hosts is a great example of an open discussion about working on your music and the role of the community in creating and supporting art.”

For its part, White Eagle Hall has been offering a leg up to area talent, putting them on stage with national touring acts.  “Music is a community and I look forward to supporting the Jersey City and Hoboken musicians and fans,” says the venue’s talent buyer, Heath Miller. “I look forward to seeing local bands getting really big and selling out this place and their friends opening up for them.”

“Really looking forward to playing on a big stage with an awesome sound system in a great sounding room, but I think the biggest thrill for me will be getting to see all my favorite bands from this scene on the same bill, and knowing that Big Wake was a part of it,” says Big Wake’s Gerry Rosenthal. “It’s a very tight-knit, very encouraging scene and such a pleasure to be part of this early opportunity for local bands at a venue like White Eagle Hall.”

Sylvana Joyce is also thrilled about the venue. “I’m just looking forward to being able to play a big stage. It’s not an every day thing for our ‘little engine that could’, and we’re going to savor every minute.”

“I mean, just this venue and this stage…holy cow,” says Smoke and Mirror Routine’s Thomas Fishman. “To get up there for a local crowd is so exciting. And definitely psyched to be part of a bill that features all these acts on the same night. That doesn’t usually happen. It’s gonna blow people’s minds.”

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“I think what I set out to do with The Latest Noise is a combination of giving a platform to bands and musicians who I believe in and that aren’t just about themselves. They are looking at a bigger picture of how we can create music and events to bring people together. To show them that ‘you are not alone’ (shamelessly stealing a Jaime Rose lyric) to teach people that expressing love and joy is ok,” says Kuzan. “Our world is hurtin’ in so many ways and all of us have the responsibility to be beacons of light and love. That’s really what it’s all about.”

Come share the love this Friday, at White Eagle Hall. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Authored by: hMAG