“Color Line Form” Exhibit at hob’art gallery — October 16 through November 8

“Color Line Form” Exhibit at hob’art gallery — October 16 through November 8

(above: Ann Kinney, “Jellyfish II,” photograph, 2015)

Color Line Form,” a multimedia group exhibition by the hob’art artists’ cooperative, will be open to the public from October 16 through November 8 at the hob’art gallery, Monroe Center of the Arts, 720 Monroe Street, E208, Hoboken, NJ.

In this exhibition, hob’art artists get an opportunity to show each of their unique, individual styles. Works by Meredeth Turshen, Ibou Ndoye, Alberte Bernier, Maya Forester, France Garrido, and Constance Ftera will celebrate their rich, vibrant color sense and their joyful use of line. Form plays an immense role in the sculpture and carvings of artists Katie McGeehin, Geraldine Gaines, and Liz Cohen.

Ibou Ndoye, "Social Life I," reverse glass painting, 2006

Ibou Ndoye, “Social Life I,” reverse glass painting, 2006

Multi-talented photographers Don Sichler, Starr Tucker-Ortega, Jim Legge, Ann Kinney, Roy Wright, Jean Paul Picard, and Tom Egan are also inspired by color as effected by light and dark. Finally, the inventiveness of artists Leslie Rubman, Carla Cubit, and and Rich Roberts brings their collage and found object assemblages alive with color, line, and form!

The opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 17, from 6-8pm. On Sunday, October 18, at 3:30pm, the artists will discuss their work and will welcome questions from visitors.

Gallery information can be obtained on the website www.hob-art.org and from the director, France Garrido, 201-319-1504 or director@hob-art.org. The building entrance is on 8th Street between Monroe and Jackson streets. Free parking is available at the rear of the building on Jackson Street.


Starr Tucker-Ortega, "Naranja #1," photograph, 2015

Starr Tucker-Ortega, “Naranja #1,” photograph, 2015

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