CUTS FOR A CAUSE: 100 Homeless to Receive Haircuts & Grooming Services at Hoboken Shelter

CUTS FOR A CAUSE: 100 Homeless to Receive Haircuts & Grooming Services at Hoboken Shelter

CUTS FOR A CAUSE, organized to engage and give back to the community, will see over 100 guests of The Hoboken Shelter receive haircuts and grooming services on Monday, April 15.

Organized by a small group of volunteers, and powered by DIEMlife®, Cuts for a Cause is bringing together 10 of the area’s top professional barbers and stylists to provide Hoboken Shelter guests the amazing sense of renewal a haircut brings.

“This was inspired by a YouTube video of a barber in Los Angeles who walked around giving free haircuts to people on the street,” said John Venus, an organizer and Hoboken resident. “The smile on each person’s face after receiving a free haircut truly inspired me. From there, all it took was connecting with my long-time friend Timothy Midgley, who founded DIEMlife®, and a small cast of committed volunteers, and here we are!”


DIEMlife® is an online platform driving real-world action. It’s mission is to organize people and resources so communities achieve more. It builds relationships that empower individuals to reach their goals. Each goal is called a Quest®.

“Creating a platform to connect communities around purpose-driven events like this is what DIEMlife is all about,” said Timothy Midgley. “At DIEMlife, we strive to provide more visibility around measurable, positive change that will in turn drive new inspiration and spark deeper impact.”

Both John and Timothy felt compelled to establish Cuts for a Cause based on their fathers’ examples and commitment to investing time in their respective communities; this has shaped John and Timothy’s commitment to now help their own communities.

The Hoboken Shelter’s mission is to transform lives by providing meals for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, and services to support people to become housed. Every year this organization provides services and finds homes for 100 to 200 people.

Just $10 provides one haircut and a sense of renewal to a person in need. All remaining funds will go directly to The Hoboken Shelter and will support the organization who has served a community in need every day for the last 37 years.

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The Hoboken Shelter - 300 Bloomfield Street

The Hoboken Shelter – 300 Bloomfield Street


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