DAWN OF THE DEER: Resident Spots Doe Duo Hoofing It Through Hoboken

DAWN OF THE DEER: Resident Spots Doe Duo Hoofing It Through Hoboken

(James Aibel photo—used with permission)

While the City opened up Adams Street to pedestrian and bicycle traffic this weekend, a pair of White-tailed Deer took an early morning stroll a few blocks away at 10th & Garden on Sunday.

Hoboken resident James Aibel snapped the above photo at 6:15 in the morning, catching what appear to be two does (they’re deer, they’re female deer) heading southbound on Garden Street. The duo are practicing social distancing, and seemingly using the bike lane.

According to Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante, “We received several calls about them running around, with the last call around 10:00 a.m. indicating that they were at 15th & Madison.”

Callers seemed concerned about the safety of the deer.

“Officers called Game & Wildlife and were told they are free and fine to roam,” said Ferrante. “They would only come if either of the deer were injured. They definitely appeared fine running around all over town.”

These two are not the first to be spotted in our region, as a relative reduction in human activity has allowed the natural world to reassert itself.

Last week, a deer was safely recovered by North Hudson Region Fire‘s water rescue team as it was trying to swim in Weehawken Cove:

In late April, a couple of Bald Eagles were hanging out on a rooftop near 10th & Grand:

Resident John Palumbo caught some rather “gripping,” Wild Kingdom-type footage of a Red-Tailed Hawk dining on Squirrel atop a telephone pole near his apartment:

Arguably the most spectacular visit was from this seal, seen here in footage from Don’t Sit Home lounging on the pebbles outside the Hudson Tea Building:

With the obvious exception of the squirrel, all of the animals featured above were reportedly in good condition and simply living their natural existence on the North American continent. These interactions are certainly noteworthy, but these animals do live among us.

Pretty wild out there… let us know what else you’re seeing!


Authored by: hMAG