DEAF RHINO: Rampaging Jersey Rockers Roll Into Maxwell’s — SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5

DEAF RHINO: Rampaging Jersey Rockers Roll Into Maxwell’s — SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5

Smashing down barriers with their hard-charging sound, New Jersey’s Deaf Rhino is about to come in from the wild and work on a new album—but not before one last dust-up at Maxwell’s (1039 Washington Street) this Saturday night.

image1Band members Adam Schlett (Lead singer/rhythm guitar), Bobby Weir (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Tommy Scerbo (Bass Guitar) and Jack Biamonte (Drums/Vocals) are all homegrown Garden State talent, now flourishing in the the Hudson County spotlight.

“We all moved to the Hudson County area after school, right when the band started to get a bit more involved,” says Schlett. “Most of the band has lived in either Hoboken, Weehawken or Jersey City the last three to four years.”

Having opened for the Deftones, Refused, Mondo Generator and more, Deaf Rhino has cultivated a dynamic stage presence. “Its a show from the start to finish with all sorts of new interpretations of our songs, jams and surprises,” says Schlett. “Our fans and DR family come out to party in the masses,” he adds, “their energy with the music we play always seems to mix beautifully.”

The band’s consistently strong draw landed them a residency at Maxwell’s last year, and they’re certainly happy to have a place in the neighborhood to call home.


“We were gigging NYC a lot before Maxwell’s re-opened. We played Webster Hall, Arlene’s Grocery and similar clubs often but we didn’t have somewhere we could entrench ourselves with the locals and the staff,” says Schlett. “Most folks know the history of Maxwell’s and we were excited to etch our mark in this chapter of a venue that will hopefully exist for a long time coming. Most of our community is in the Northern NJ, NYC, Brooklyn area—having a place easily accessible for everyone that has great sound and isn’t in a sketchy neighborhood is also pretty sweet.”

Saturday’s performance promises to deliver as always, featuring songs from their 2015 LP Dirt, Rust, Chaos plus a peek at what lies ahead in the band’s next chapter.

“We are recording our second full-length this January in Brooklyn. Our first LP and the single have done well for us as we have grown our reputation playing a ton of regional shows,” says Schlett. “We have a bit of an audience now; we just want to make something that were proud of and that the people who are into our band can connect with. If we can successfully do that on this next record then the sky’s the limit.”

with special guests
The Battery Electric
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Saturday, November 5th
1039 Washington Street

Authored by: hMAG