DECISION 2016: Voter Registration Deadline — OCTOBER 18

DECISION 2016: Voter Registration Deadline — OCTOBER 18

As you may have heard via numerous media sources, there is an election coming up on November 8.

It’s one thing to be a social media civics warrior, regurgitating vapid memes and sharing half-baked, surgically edited video clips that “COMPLETELY ANNIHILATE” whomever it is that you’ve decided you oppose in said election.

However, where the rubber hits the road is when you step away from your computer and actually make the effort to go to the voting booth.

Vote Quimby

To be able to do that, you must be registered to vote. To be eligible to vote, residents must be registered 21 days prior to the election… which is TUESDAY, October 18.

Even if you’ve registered in the past, perhaps you’ve moved recently—changing districts/polling locations. Take a minute to make sure everything is in order.

Are properly you registered to vote? CLICK HERE to find out…

Do you need to register to vote? CLICK HERE for a voter registration form…

Drop it off at the Hoboken City Clerk’s Office (Hoboken City Hall, 94 Washington Street, Hoboken)—they’ll be OPEN UNTIL 9 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18.

Do you know where to vote? CLICK HERE for polling locations…

Prefer to vote by mail? CLICK HERE for a vote-by-mail application…

Wondering what else is at stake beside the Presidential election? CLICK HERE for the Hoboken Decision 2016 sample ballot.

Wondering who to vote for??? We won’t tell you that…

Vote your conscience. Check your sources. Do the research. Make an effort to make an informed decision.


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Authored by: hMAG