Driver Charged With DUI After Plowing Through Fence Into Hoboken Playground

Driver Charged With DUI After Plowing Through Fence Into Hoboken Playground

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***UPDATE: (October 26—5:55 p.m.) Driver has been named, with full list of charges ***

The driver of a pick-up truck rammed through the fence at Hoboken’s Wallace Primary School Thursday afternoon. One child, age 13, was reportedly struck by debris but not seriously injured, according to the school’s superintendent. The driver and the injured bystander were transported to Hoboken University Medical Center

The incident occurred after school hours, at approximately 5:30 p.m. The playground area sits at the junction of 11th and Willow Streets. Westbound traffic on 11th Street requires a turn. The driver missed that turn and plowed through a metal fence, crashing onto the basketball court below.

Alessandro Mautone, age 23, of Holmdel, faces two counts of Assault by Auto, Possession of CDS Heroin, Under the influence of CDS, Possession of CDS Paraphernalia, Driving under the influence, DUI in a school zone, Unlicensed Driver, Failure to Observe Signal, CDS in a motor vehicle, and Reckless Driving.

Full report, via Hoboken Police:

Officers [PO Steven Albert, Sgt. Keith Rotondi, PO Luke Zeszotarski, Sgt David Olivera] responded to the area of 11th Willow Avenue on a report of a motor vehicle accident. Officer Albert, Sgt Rotondi and Sgt Olivera arrived to find several other agencies assisting a driver who was trapped inside his vehicle. The driver of a 2005 GMC struck a metal fence near the school playground after colliding with 2016 Honda on Willow Avenue. The GMC came to rest partially on the sidewalk while the rest hung over onto the playground area several feet off the ground. The Hoboken Fire Department along with Port Authority and EMS were able to remove the driver from the vehicle. Once removed from the vehicle, Sgt Rotondi was able to observe several wax folds of suspected CDS Heroin in the vehicle. These items were retrieved as evidence. The driver was then transported to the Jersey City Medical Center for treatment. The Hudson County Regional Fatal Collision Unit assisted in the investigation.

Those injured due to the accident were a 13 year old boy and the driver of the Honda. They were both transported to Hoboken University Medical Center where they received treatment for their injuries. It did not appear that either injured party suffered serious injuries and were expected to recover. The mother of the juvenile was contacted and advised of the incident.

Officer Zeszotarski, a Drug Recognition Expert, was advised by Sgt David Olivera to perform several tests on the driver in order to determine whether he was under the influence of any narcotics. Officer Zeszotarski performed several test and concluded that the driver was under the influence of a narcotic while driving. Once treated at the hospital, he was transported to headquarters where he was processed. A warrant complaint was generated and he was later remanded to the Hudson County Rehabilitation Facility.


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