FACES: Artist Shannon Harfosh

FACES: Artist Shannon Harfosh

Artist Shannon Harfosh lives in uptown Hoboken, and was featured in a Pop-Up art event at West Elm’s Hoboken store, which routinely supports local artists. Her cheerful depictions of sometimes-dreary urban everyday, or her warm still lifes and nature images automatically brighten up any room.

hMAG had a chance to chat with Harfosh about her art and inspiration…

hMAG: How would you describe your art style?

Shannon Harfosh: My style of art ranges from abstract to realism. For all of my pieces, I like to make sure they are vibrant and full of color. Many of my ideas are generated from the wonderful area we live in. I like to think my viewers see my playful imagination in each piece of work that I complete. My ultimate goal is to bring happiness to my audience and to provide brightness in their day.

h: Hoboken/NYC can be a sensory overload of imagery. What inspires you to create the images you do? How do you decide to focus on certain items and bring them to life?

SH: The imagery that is all around us is what I love most about Hoboken and NYC. There is so much inspiration and beauty to lead creativity down many paths. When I find myself passing by one of our many brownstones or the cityscapes that surround us, I suddenly have an incredible desire to find a canvas and capture that feeling through my paintbrush.

My desire to focus on certain items is also driven by daily experiences. For example, this summer I was inspired by my trips to Newport, RI and Cape May, NJ, but I most often find myself incorporating something from Hoboken or NYC.

h: Much of your work features a lot of bright colors. To what can you attribute that predisposition?

SH: Brightness and positive energy tends to be something that is found in the majority of my work, which I attribute to my overall outlook on life. There is color wherever you look and I try to reflect this in my art.

h: Where can our readers see your work?

SH: A central repository of my work is included on my Instagram page – @shannonharfosh. I also use this page to connect with my followers and communicate pop up events that I participate in. To purchase my art online, I encourage readers to check out my Etsy page at www.etsy.com/shop/shannonharfosh.


Authored by: hMAG