GRIDLOCKALYPSE NOW: NJ Transit Strike Will Make Commuting Futile

GRIDLOCKALYPSE NOW: NJ Transit Strike Will Make Commuting Futile

The looming NJ Transit Strike should be a real doozy, with NJ Transit implementing a plan to operate at 38% its typical capacity in the event that management and rail unions fail to come to an agreement by the March 13th deadline.

For Hoboken, that would mean some significant changes.

Given our proximity to NYC we’re arguably better off than most, but there’s still the issue of crossing the river—and that’s going to be a significant issue next week should the rail strike occur, given the knock-on effect for traffic, ferries and buses throughout our region.

“The City of Hoboken has been coordinating with NJ Transit and other agencies in preparation for a possible strike by NJ Transit rail workers,” says the Ci12828441_1137779372909473_8032797412104344907_oty, in a statement released this afternoon. “While all commuters should plan for travel delays, for the least disruptive commute to New York, riders should consider traveling via ferries or along the Hoboken to World Trade Center PATH line.”

No Bus to NYC

Probably the most significant impact to the Hoboken commute is the suspension of 126 bus route to or from the Port Authority. In an effort to alleviate Lincoln Tunnel traffic, the bus will instead, “operate on a reverse routing,” bringing passengers as far as the Hoboken Terminal, where they will need to take either the PATH or NY Waterway, both which are reportedly cross-honoring NJ Transit tickets/passes.

Hoboken Terminal Under Clampdown

To deal with an1934351_1137779369576140_5544576031997017665_n anticipated overload at the Hoboken Terminal, only buses, registered private shuttles, and emergency vehicles will be permitted to enter the Hoboken Terminal area. Personal vehicles will not be permitted to travel east of Washington Street at Observer Highway, south of 2nd Street on Hudson Street, or south of 1st Street on River Street.

The taxi stand will be temporarily relocated a few blocks away to Washington Street between Observer Highway and Newark Street.

PATH Illogical / Ferry Tales

Yes, the PATH Train will be open. Now that everybody knows that, it’ll be absolutely soul-crushing, as bus passengers and NJ Transit rail passengers try jam themselves through this tiny capillary across the Hudson. NY Waterway will scoop up some of the PATH spillover, but the volume will create desperate situations for either option.

Pick your poison—sure beats driving…

Tunnel of Broken Dreams

“Traffic backups of up to 25 miles are expected on major roadways with heavy delays at all Hudson River crossings,” says the City of Hoboken.

Let that sink in for a second…

“Those who must drive should consider traveling before or after the rush hour peak times, during off-peak hours, and carpooling. Employers are asked to consider telecommuting options for employees where feasible, or instead stagger, compress or otherwise modify work schedules to help reduce congestion during peak hours.”

In other words, don’t even think about it




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