Hoboken Catholic Church to Host Annual LGBTQ Pride Mass

Hoboken Catholic Church to Host Annual LGBTQ Pride Mass

ABOVE: Love Wins at the Our Lady of Grace Hoboken Pride Mass – June 30, 2019; hMAG – Chris Halleron photo

For the third year in a row, Hoboken’s Our Lady of Grace will host a Pride Mass to honor the Catholic LGBTQ community.

Each year, the LGBTQ Pride Mass at OLG has served as an acknowledgement of dramatically shifting views, not only within the Catholic community but Hoboken itself. Meanwhile, last year’s event drew a handful of demonstrators who rallied across the street from the Church, protesting against OLG’s open acceptance of homosexuality as it pertains to Catholic faith.

Nevertheless, the crowd inside the Church far outnumbers the crowd outside, as parishoners and others come together to show their support for broader inclusion. At the 2019 Mass, guest speakers representing the LGBTQ community delivered anecdotal accounts of how the Catholic Church challenged their lives and their faith, while expressing genuine hope in light of the clear progress being made thanks to events like this.

This year’s Mass, taking place at 10:30 on Sunday, June 28, will be subject to social distancing and mask protocols.

Those unable to attend are welcome to participate via the Our Lady of Grace Hoboken YouTube channel.

Our Lady of Grace is located at 400 Willow Avenue in Hoboken, overlooking Church Square Park.


Authored by: hMAG