HOBOKEN CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE: Thousands Participate in Hoboken Grace Event

HOBOKEN CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE: Thousands Participate in Hoboken Grace Event

(via Hoboken Grace)

This past Saturday more than 1,900 family members and children received gifts at the Hoboken Christmas Exchange. The event continually brings the neighborhood together and we’re all on a mission to take care of one another this Christmas.

The initial goal of The Hoboken Christmas Exchange was to ensure that no child in Hoboken would wake up on Christmas morning without a gift, but with the overwhelming response, we’ve been able to expand that. The exchange is able to impact parents who use their last dollars to care for their family and for the elderly who can be forgotten during this time.

276 volunteer “elves” helped to deliver the gifts while over 600 people signed up to adopt a family or child. They were able to drop off their wrapped presents over the past week so that on Saturday all the families in need could come and pick up their gifts.

“The Hoboken Christmas Exchange is an amazing demonstration of community coming together. This event would not be possible without the donors and volunteers who come out to love their neighbors. It is a testament to this community and to people’s desire to be part of something significant.” said James Sproule, Community Impact Director at Hoboken Grace.

This event has more than doubled from its beginning and it continues to grow. This year has been especially exciting as we saw the involvement of the Hoboken Police PBA, Hoboken PSOA and Fire Department Union.

What better way to kick off the Christmas season and the New Year, than with a story of genuine love and countless acts of selfless giving.

Hoboken Grace worked with the Hoboken Housing Authority, HOPES, North Hudson Community Action Corps, Hoboken Family Planning, The Jubilee Center, TRUE Mentors, In Jesus Name Charities, Hoboken Daycare 100 and school counselors to help identify families in need.


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