HOBOKEN HILTON: City Moves Ahead on Plans for Post Office Redevelopment; Includes New Waterfront Hotel

HOBOKEN HILTON: City Moves Ahead on Plans for Post Office Redevelopment; Includes New Waterfront Hotel

(ABOVE: Image via KMS Development Partners)

The long-rumored plan for a new Waterfront hotel here in Hoboken has taken another step forward, as the City has proposed a redevelopment plan for the Hoboken Post Office Rehabilitation Area that includes the construction of a large-scale hotel—while still preserving the Post Office as an historic landmark.

“With the W Hotel often fully booked, there is a clear need for more hotel space for our families, friends, and everyone who visits Hoboken,” says Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This world-class hotel would improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to our waterfront, replace an eyesore with a vibrant, active streetscape with public amenities, and also provide much-needed meeting and event space for our community.”

KMS Development Partners have been advocating the plan for months, gaining support from all across the political spectrum.

“The hotel proposed behind the Post Office, facing the waterfront, will animate and greatly improve what is now a bleak site, with poor pedestrian access to Pier A Park,” says Ron Hine, Executive Director and Founding Member, Fund for a Better Waterfront. “The hotel proposed by KMS will be a great addition to the south waterfront, replacing a bleak view of the rear of the Post Office with a new building and greatly improved streetscape. This is an opportunity the City cannot afford to miss.”

“The proposed development will transform and underutilized, tax exempt property into an upscale, modern hotel with distinctive architecture and rooftop event space,” says Patrick Kelleher, President, Hudson County Building & Trades Council. “It will generate an estimated $1.7 million in annual tax revenue without adding any additional schoolchildren or commensurate increase in City services.

“This project will bring tremendous benefits to the neighborhood, create jobs in Hoboken, and generate significant real estate and hotel taxes that will help to keep our taxes stable,” said Hoboken City Council President Jennifer Giattino.

“As Council Subcommittee Chair, my projects have always strongly supported diversifying our tax base from residential towards more commercial, and this project does just that,” said Councilman Peter Cunningham. “I am confident we have met these challenges which will result in a win-win for Hoboken and its local businesses and residents.”

The proposed new building will be set back from River Street in the current Post Office parking lot, forming a tall yet narrow structure that takes into account light and shadow impact on Pier A. Post Office vehicles will operate out of the Newark Street side.

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