KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE: New Building Offers Real-Time Commuting Updates in the Lobby via TransitScreen

KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE: New Building Offers Real-Time Commuting Updates in the Lobby via TransitScreen

We’ve all been there—huffing, puffing and sprinting out the door to catch a train, only to get to the station and find out that it isn’t running…

Here in Hoboken, we have a variety of mass transit options. When given a little heads-up, we can adapt our morning commute to circumvent any significant delays and get where we need to go with relatively minimal headaches.

To that end, Bijou Properties has partnered with TransitScreen at their new Hoboken luxury apartment building, Park + Garden, to provide real-time, location-based transportation availability to residents 24 hours a day.


Updates from NJ Transit bus & rail, PATH, and NY Waterway ferry are showcased on two large HD TVs in the lobby of Bijou’s Park + Garden. These displays are the first installations in New Jersey and second in the Metro NY region.

“We utilized innovative green building practices and modern technology at Park + Garden to create a sustainable urban apartment building for residents,” says Larry Bijou, managing partner of Bijou Properties. “TransitScreen plays an important role in this by providing real-time, detailed information on NY Waterway, PATH, and NJ Transit to encourage use of mass transportation options, as well as local bike and car share services. This pioneering system will enhance our residents’ daily lives and support our goal of promoting a healthier, cleaner lifestyle for residents at Park + Garden and throughout the City of Hoboken.”

TransitScreen is a Washington-DC & San Francisco-based transportation technology company promoting sustainable urban mobility through access to real time information. TransitScreen displays are time- and cost-savings amenities which invigorate buildings and in public spaces while also offering a sustainable transportation demand management (TDM) tool for transit-oriented developments and large employers. Today, there are live displays in 20 metro areas across North America. Clients span various industries and geographies including commercial real estate, transit agencies, universities, hospitals, tech companies, smart cities, and nonprofits.


Now you'll know which way to go...

Now you’ll know which way to go…

Authored by: hMAG