THE LATEST NOISE LIVE! – Winter 2017 Showcase at Maxwell’s Tavern

THE LATEST NOISE LIVE! – Winter 2017 Showcase at Maxwell’s Tavern

The Latest Noise is proud to present The Latest Noise Live! – Winter
Showcase of 2017.

The fourth show of the Latest Noise showcase series will be taking place this Friday, January 27th at Maxwell’s Tavern.

TLN will be featuring a variety of local Hoboken, Jersey City and NYC bands including The Manimals, Collective Man, Dan O’Dea and Eagle Ridge, Keon Torres, Freddie Bourne, Lord Lorax, Carolyn Monroe, Viktor, Yung Keaz, Brian Lowry, Chris Koch and Doc Mills with comedy from Hakeem, Josh Wells, Zack Breheney, Joe Deen and Kasey Coresh.

The Latest Noise Live! highlights established and upcoming talent in the northern New Jersey
music scene along with bringing talent from across the river in NYC to Hoboken in order to
expand their audience. Past events have included Deaf Rhino, Big Wake, Sylvana Joyce, Janna
Pelle, The Saturators, Minor Mitten, Tiphanie and an Artist Showcase roster of over 20

This Friday’s event will be the first time local comedy will be showcased, to bring an
even more entertaining vibe to the show. Freddie Bourne will be releasing his EP “I Wrote
These Songs with Heavy Vibes and a Piano” (produced by The Latest Noise) on 1/27/17 as

“The whole idea of coming to a Latest Noise event is that the audience will be exposed to a
whole range of styles and genres that you won’t see anywhere else in one night or event.” Mike
Kuzan, founder of the Latest Noise said. “I want the audience to be wowed not only by the
artist’s individual talent but also by the experience as a whole” The Latest Noise Live! offers an
eclectic range of music and entertainment, no show sticks to the same genre throughout the
night. Anyone who attends the event is sure to find a new artist or band they will enjoy!
Tickets can be purchased online by CLICKING HERE.

Any musician, band or comedian interested in participating in the next event may find more information at or email Mike Kuzan at

Authored by: hMAG