LOFTY GOALS: Antique Bar & Bakery Unveil Their Stunning Event Space on the Hoboken Waterfront

LOFTY GOALS: Antique Bar & Bakery Unveil Their Stunning Event Space on the Hoboken Waterfront

(ABOVE: James Calleo and Meghan Kramer will host Sunset Yoga followed by Live Music at The Loft — Thursday, September 13)

Hoboken is known for its hospitality and its amazing waterfront views. Hoboken’s Antique Bar & Bakery is known for its innovative use of space and its incredible menus.

Antique Loft (33-41 Newark Street) is an absolutely stunning venue, where all those assets merge to create a space where anything can happen.

Chef Paul Gerard and filmmaker Joseph Castelo opened their head-turning Antique Bar & Bakery in early 2017. Since then, the former bread shop at 122 Willow Street has been the toast of the town—with palate-pleasing food and drink menus that have really raised the stakes/steaks in the Hoboken hospitality game. With an oven that’s “bigger than your apartment,” Chef Gerard is ready to take Antique’s phenomenal fare to new heights… literally.

“This place is similar to the kind of loft you’d see in Soho in the 1970’s,” he tells hMAG.

Located at the corner of Newark & River Streets, steps away from the PATH, Antique Loft features sweeping panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline and Hudson River, floor-to-ceiling windows, L-shaped wrap terrace, and a setting that is essentially  blank canvas.

“Light changes throughout the day,” says Gerard, “so every event is new.” The natural light, along with a column-free forum space and high ceilings make the space adaptable to any need imaginable.

“We’re open to pretty much anything,” says Gerard. “We’re doing events, yoga classes, pop-up galleries. Right now we just want people to come in and see what this place has to offer.”

The concept behind the loft is essentially a turnkey event operation. Logistics—including food, drink, layout, staffing, etc.—are all covered by Antique and their staff.

“It’s all in the lists,” says Gerard. “I look at events like a general looks at a battle plan, and we prepare like we’re throwing a party in the middle of the ocean. That way, nothing gets left behind. We’re not gonna let anything go wrong.”

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Authored by: hMAG