Massive Water Main Break Reported in Jersey City; Disruptions Citywide

Massive Water Main Break Reported in Jersey City; Disruptions Citywide

(ABOVE: image via City of Jersey City)

SUEZ North Jersey is reporting a massive water main break that has disrupted water service in Jersey City and Hoboken as well.

According to the utility, a contractor hit the 36″ water main on Route 7. Repairs are reportedly underway. Water pressure throughout the region has slowed to a trickle, and there are some reports of discoloration.

6:32 p.m.—SUEZ has issued a BOIL WATER ADVISORY for those who still have water service.

From SUEZ:
A contractor working in an industrial area of Jersey City, NJ near the intersection of Howell Street and Duffield Avenue struck a 36-inch water transmission line that supplies water to the Cities of Jersey City and Hoboken. The contractor was putting in sheet piling and pushed a piling directly into the water main.

SUEZ emergency crews have responded to the main break at the scene and are in the process of shutting off water to the site. This will enable water pressure to be restored through the cities of Jersey City and Hoboken.

Officials from SUEZ have issued a boil water advisory today to residents throughout the Cities of Jersey City and Hoboken as a result of the main break. Residents should boil their water for at least one minute for the following: drinking, cooking, or baking, making ice cubes, taking medication, brushing teeth, washing food, mixing baby formula or food, mixing juices or drinks, feeding pets, and all other consumption. Water does not have to be boiled for the following activities: showering, washing dishes or clothes.

SUEZ has ordered water tankers and is working with Jersey City and Hoboken OEMs for placement.

Water tankers have been dispatched to locations in Hoboken & Jersey City.

7:oo a.m UPDATE—Water pressure should be returning systemwide. According to SUEZ, Discolored water caused by naturally occurring minerals in the water mains possible when service comes back. Running cold water will help clear the line.

While great majority of residents in Jersey City and Hoboken have service restored, there are small pockets with no water. Residents should check with building management to make sure there is no individual issue and also report their exact addresses.

We will continue to monitor and update the situation.


Authored by: hMAG