Mother Nature Serving Up Three-Course Meal of Misery This Weekend, and You Can’t Leave Until Your Plate Is Empty

Mother Nature Serving Up Three-Course Meal of Misery This Weekend, and You Can’t Leave Until Your Plate Is Empty

Looks like we’ve got a heck of a special cooking up over the next few days, as winter stops by just in time to complicate the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Let’s take a look at the prix fixe weather menu for this weekend, shall we?

APPETIZER: Wintery Mix Salad, Thu/Fri

Tonight we’ll get just a taste—most likely less than an inch in our area, with larger accumulations north and west. Yet as we learned in November, it doesn’t take a lot of snow to impact the commute. Take extra care on your way in Friday morning, as temps hover around freezing.

MAIN COURSE: Chunky Chilly

Have plans for Saturday night? Change them… or at least keep an eye on things while you’re out there.

We’re getting a sloppy, meaty bowl of nastiness, with anywhere from 1 to 6 inches of accumulation—depending upon where the line ends up. We’ll get some rain, then it will switch over to slop as the temps fluctuate around the freezing mark.

Bad as it may seem here, folks to our north and west are expecting to get pummeled by this system as it dumps double-digit snowfall from the Great Lakes through the Catskills, the Adirondacks and all the way up through New England.


Whatever we end up with in terms of snowfall here in our area will then lock us in on Sunday with a deep, DEEP freeze as temps plummet from 40 on Saturday to projected possible low of 4 (not a typo) on Sunday.

With conditions like this, it’s imperative to shovel sidewalks and dig out vehicles immediately, before the hard freeze makes it nearly impossible. Temps will remain below freezing on Monday and through Tuesday, before we get a bit of relief on Wednesday.

Sidewalks remain the responsibility of individual property owners/managers.

From the City of Hoboken:

Property owners/occupants are reminded that they have six hours after the completion of a storm to remove snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property, along with adjoining wheelchair ramps or curb cuts. Residents are urged to assist elderly or disabled neighbors with clearing snow from their properties. It is illegal to shovel snow back onto streets or onto fire hydrants. The City is responsible for clearing sidewalks around City-owned properties.

To report an unplowed street, unshoveled sidewalk, or other problem, residents can submit an online complaint via or via the Hoboken 311 mobile application.

Sure it sucks, kid. But it builds character…

(*For more on the need to shovel, please visit this comprehensive, albeit NSFW piece by Gawker’s John Cook.)

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