PAY-BY-PLATE: Hoboken Parking Gets Easier… Slightly

PAY-BY-PLATE: Hoboken Parking Gets Easier… Slightly

You still need to find parking, and you still need to fit your car into the spot. Once there, you’ll still need to pray that the ground beneath you doesn’t open up and swallow your car

All that aside, parking at a meter here in Hoboken will be easier as of Monday, March 21, with the City starting to switch over to a “pay-by-plate” system—in which customers will be able to pay at any pay station in the city without needing to return to their vehicle to display the receipt.

According to the City:

“Customers will 1) Enter the vehicle license plate number and 2) Make payment via credit/debit card, smart card, coins, or bills (where available). There is no need to return to the vehicle to leave the receipt. The real-time paid/unpaid status will be visible to enforcement officers via tablet computers.”

The transition to “pay-by-plate” will begin on Monday, March 21st with the meters located on Hudson Place. Parking Enforcement Officers will be stationed at the meters to educate drivers on the use of the meters.

In the months to come, the City plans to introduce a feature where people can pay by mobile phone app.

Now if there was just an app that could help you find parking, dude….

Authored by: hMAG