ROCKIN’ JOAQUIN: A Pre-Hurricane Playlist

ROCKIN’ JOAQUIN: A Pre-Hurricane Playlist

5. Randy Newman — “Louisiana 1927”

Remember, it could always be worse. Among the lessons we learned from Sandy, I hope it made us more empathetic to the suffering of others far away whenever natural disasters strike. We’re all in this together.

4. Tish Hinojosa — “Joaquin”

I’ll admit it, I didn’t know any songs with “Joaquin” in the title. But this is a sweet little number.

3. Tom Waits — “Rain Dogs”

During Sandy, many pet owners weren’t prepared to care for their furry friends. And many other pets were displaced. has a great readiness page for animal owners, pre-, during, and post-disaster.

2. Joe Henry — “Death to the Storm”

In addition to being an excellent singer, songwriter, and producer, Joe Henry has the interesting distinction of being Madonna’s brother-in-law. Anyway, “Death to the Storm” is a message I think we can all get behind.

1. Yo La Tengo — “Friday I’m in Love”

I hope Joaquin doesn’t usher in the end of the world. I hope on Monday we don’t fall apart. Let’s cheer up with this Cure cover from Hoboken’s hometown heroes Yo La Tengo, from their latest album. For updates on the storm, stay tuned to the City’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and local news sources such as and the Reporter. (Unfortunately, there is no morning program Good Day Hoboken like in this video.)


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My personal favorite—“Atlantis” by Donovan.
If anyone is going to labor to put the lyrics “antediluvian baby” into a song, they deserve to make the cut…

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