#WHATEXIT — Should New Jersey Secede From the Union?

#WHATEXIT — Should New Jersey Secede From the Union?

Sure—we’ll play along…

Since the ripples of #Brexit are launching a devolutionary wave across the globe (one that recent made landfall in Staten Island, of all places), maybe we should leave too.

For no reason other than grandstanding belligerent clickbait, we offer the following questions:

-Should New Jersey secede from the Union? (Cue the “good riddance” jokes from the other 49 states…)

-Should North Jersey secede from South Jersey? (Do we take the Taylor Ham/Pork Roll debate that seriously??? You bet your ass we do…)

-Should Hoboken secede from Hudson County? (We’d prefer to keep our corruption local, thank you very much…)

-Should Uptown Hoboken secede from Downtown Hoboken? (Wine drunks v. Beer drunks)

We have no facts, logistics or pragmatic plans for any of this—but seemingly none of that matters these days, so let us know what you think…


Authored by: hMAG