Another Weekend, Another Winter Weather System

Another Weekend, Another Winter Weather System

It’s the weekend, which means a blight of bad weather will roll through the northeast.

We should once again be spared the worst, as the main thrust will once again dump on New England… because even Mother Nature wants those people to shut the hell up about winning the Super Bowl.

We may get a dusting today, then Sunday into Monday we’ll get the ol’ Wintry Mix, as temps weave in and out past the freezing mark.

The City is trying to clear what snow they can, and prep the streets for whatever form of the “Mix” we have to deal with…

Later in the week, get ready for another spiteful Arctic blast, with temps dropping down into single digits.

Yes, February sucks
—which is why it’s the shortest month.

Just dress warmly, like Super Bowl MVP Taawhm Brady…

Lookin' wicked haahd, Tom...

Lookin’ wicked haahd, Tom…

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