Artist Ricardo Roig Gallery Opening Celebration—TONIGHT

Artist Ricardo Roig Gallery Opening Celebration—TONIGHT

Artist Ricardo Roig will host a gallery opening tonight, Saturday April 18 from 7-10pm.

An eight-year resident of Hoboken, Roig is excited to have his work on display on First Street—one of his favorite thoroughfares here in town.

“I love the location! When I was on the fence about whether to open or not, I went across the street from the space during rush hour commute to see all of the commuters leaving the path and heading home. It was literally a river of people—it was so exciting to think that all of these people from our community could be glancing at my work and to have my work affect them in some way. Maybe they would see the world as an interplay of color shapes too.”
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Galleries are once again finding Hoboken to be a sustainable marketplace, thanks to ongoing efforts to generate awareness of the area’s art scene.

“With this new gallery I have a humungous opportunity to add color to the community and always give Hoboken something new to see in my window. Hopefully I can be an inspiration for other local artists to come out of their studios and also take a leap of faith in themselves to open their own gallery space—that would be really cool.”

Roig Gallery Opening Celebration
252 First Street (b/t Park & Willow)
Saturday, April 18

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