Behold, the Glory of Mutzfest…

Behold, the Glory of Mutzfest…

Mutzfest 2016, held this past Sunday by Hoboken Family Alliance, was a success—a smooth, creamy, delicious success.

There was no “judging” in this year’s event—just an all-around celebration of the Mutz, (a.k.a. mozzarella)—a staple of Italian cuisine, and a genuine treasure found in a number of our phenomenal Italian delis here in Hoboken.

Participants in Mutzfest 2016 included:
Losurdo Bros. Deli, 410 2nd
Luca Brasi’s Italian Deli, 100 Park
M&P Biancamano, 1116 Washington
Margherita’s Pizza & Cafe, 740 Washington
Rosticeria da Gigi, 916 Washington
Sasso’s Deli, 1038 Garden
Tony Boloney’s, 263 1st
Vito’s Italian Deli, 806 Washington

To learn more about the artists behind the craft, check out our Heritage piece, “MUTZ IS ALL YOU KNEAD”, also featured in the new issue of hMAG.

Photos by Joe Epstein Photography.

Authored by: hMAG