Bloody Good Sunday

Bloody Good Sunday

Rave by Diana Schwaeble

Photos by Wil Hinds

On the weekend, your most taxing decision should be where to go to brunch, or what movie to watch. A perfectly mixed Bloody Mary gets things zipping along. Ben Prior, manager of Northern Soul, makes his to order, resulting in a savory and spicy blend. When making this at home start with good vodka and a base of V8.

2 oz. of vodka

6 oz. of V8 juice

Dash of Worcestershire sauce

Pinch of horseradish

Garnish with celery stick

Add vodka and V8 to highball glass filled with ice. Add Worcestershire, horseradish and fresh lime juice. Add hot sauce, salt, pepper, celery salt to taste. Shake and enjoy! ••

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