CAREER DAY: Hoboken Catholic Academy Welcomes Professionals (…and hMAG)

CAREER DAY: Hoboken Catholic Academy Welcomes Professionals (…and hMAG)

Principal Matthew McGrath and Hoboken Catholic Academy (HCA) welcomed professionals from the fields of Finance, Real Estate, Technology, Medicine, Advertising—and LOCAL MEDIA—to meet with students Monday for their annual Career Day seminars.

Hoboken Catholic Academy (555 7th Street) is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools and has been named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.

As part of the annual “Catholic Schools Week” celebration, HCA invited professionals to participate in 15-minute presentations to various classes, discussing the details and skill sets of their respective fields.

hMAG Publisher Christopher Halleron met with 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th graders to discuss the challenges of covering local media in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Normally it’s hMAG who does the Q&A, but today we fielded some pretty tough questions from the crowds. Here are a few of our favorites:

HCA: “Do you ever just make stuff up?” (5th Grade)

Halleron: “No, we don’t make stuff up*. Our duty first and foremost is to our readers—it’s essential for us to maintain credibility with our audience so that they continue to use us as a trusted news source. On the occasion that we run opinion pieces, we do our utmost to make that designation.”

HCA: “Did you always want to be in publishing?” (6th Grade)

Halleron: “No. I originally had other plans. It’s rare that someone decides at an early age that they want to become a writer—it’s sort of something that comes to you through experience. That said, no matter what path you think you might take in life, it’s essential to have good writing and communication skills.”

HCA: “Have you ever interviewed one of the Muppets? I like Gonzo.” (2nd Grade)

Halleron: “No, I have not had the honor of interviewing Gonzo, or any of the Muppets. However, if their agent(s) want to set something up, we could probably make it happen.”

HCA: “So… why do you do what you do?” (3rd Grade)

Halleron: “That’s a really good question, kid. Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but days like this certainly help!”

Many thanks to the students, faculty and staff of Hoboken Catholic Academy for letting us share our mission with them, and giving us an opportunity to explain the importance of local media in our communities.





(* We have a little fun on April Fool’s Day, but most of the time we share what we believe is the truth.)

Authored by: hMAG