City Looks to Elevate the Hoboken Brand

City Looks to Elevate the Hoboken Brand

Describe Hoboken in one sentence.

Go on… try.

Yeah, it can’t be done. Hell, we write about Hoboken for a living, and we can’t do it.

Therein lies the challenge of capturing the essence of Hoboken as a “brand.”

Not to be outdone by our neighbors in Jersey City (“Make It Yours”), the City of Hoboken is looking for input from residents regarding a city-wide branding project—to include streetscape revitalization.

From the City’s facebook page:

Streetscape revitalization for First Street will span 12 blocks from Paterson Avenue to Bloomfield Street and will include rain gardens, curb extensions, new benches, bike parking, trash and recycling receptacles, ADA accessible curb ramps, shade trees, and banners. In order to implement the design, construction, and installation of a cohesive city-wide wayfinding system, a comprehensive brand identity will be created for the City. This branding will speak to the identity of Hoboken as a distinct and unique community and help to build excitement around its history and culture as a business, residential, and tourism destination.

The brand standards established through this project—including a logo, tagline, specified font families, and color palettes—will broaden the recognizability of the city while becoming symbolic of what makes Hoboken stand out from other cities in the New York Metro area. Upon the completion of the brand exploration portion of this project, Hoboken’s new comprehensive brand identity will be applied to wayfinding materials such as gateway signage, banners, touch-screen kiosks, murals, mosaics, and other innovative approaches to convey location and direction throughout Hoboken.

The project is being funded by approximately $880,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery funds from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. The City of Hoboken hired T&M Associates and its sub-consultant M studio.

So, creative types—you think you have the line Hoboken is looking for???

Here’s your big chance. The meeting will take place on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 7pm in the Multi Service Center (124 Grand St) Community Room.

It’ll be interesting to see what everyone comes up with—because right now we’re known to most of the world as the punchline in that Bugs Bunny cartoon…

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