Why Is My Co-Worker From Hoboken Such a Hot Mess This Morning?

Why Is My Co-Worker From Hoboken Such a Hot Mess This Morning?

Do you work with people from Hoboken, and do they seem a bit “off” today? Go easy on them.

Here’s why…

-There’s a chance they were tangled in a traffic rat’s nest Sunday morning as they were trying to get back into town near the Holland Tunnel, but the only road into Hoboken yesterday was closed.

-Said traffic problems were caused by a massive water main break, which left Hoboken without running water for most of Sunday.

-With varying timelines given for restoration, some buildings—mostly Hoboken’s luxury high-rises—were reportedly without water pressure throughout the night.

-Those who do have running water remain under a boil water advisory.

-To give it that full-on, authentic disaster feel, fresh water was brought in via truck, dispensed at locations throughout the city.

-A large percentage of Hobokenites decided to “Keep Calm, and Carry On” with their Sunday Funday, but when they got to the bar they realized that the bathrooms there didn’t work either.

-Some places even brought in their own port-o-potties.

-Sure, this sort of thing happens all the time in Hoboken—in fact all too frequently. However, while we thought we were simply “Hobokamping” for one night, turns out many of us woke up this morning to find what was once a trickle has now stopped completely, so there’s no way to wash off our weekend.

-We’re supposed to get water back “sometime today.”

-We still can’t drive into or out of the south end of town, near the Holland Tunnel.

-Some jackhole decided to park a news helicopter over Hoboken at 5:45 this morning to cover a water main break that happened YESTERDAY.

-Oh, and it’s $*@%!^& Monday.

Be gentle…

Authored by: hMAG