DAVID BOWIE ENGAGEMENT: Bringing ‘Life on Mars’ to the Hoboken Waterfront — THURSDAY

DAVID BOWIE ENGAGEMENT: Bringing ‘Life on Mars’ to the Hoboken Waterfront — THURSDAY

“It’s a God-awful small affair,” you say?

When you have 35 musicians gathering in a tribute to one of the most prolific and influential artists to ever grace the rock genre, there’s nothing small about it.

The David Bowie Engagement, taking place this Thursday in Hoboken’s Sinatra Park, is the brainchild of ALEO ProductionsJaime DeJesus, who has pulled off some ambitious collaborative gigs here in town—including the Hoboken Last Waltz and the recent Amy Winehouse Engagement at Maxwell’s.

This time, some of the hardest working musicians on the Hoboken scene evoke the Thin White Duke in a tribute to the transcendent icon, who passed away earlier this year.


“I’m incredibly excited about putting this show on,” says DeJesus. “So many artists in our community know David Bowie’s music extremely well—better than I—this community was best suited to give him a musical eulogy, all together, with one positive and explosive note.”

Sponsored by the City of Hoboken and Apple Montessori Schools, the David Bowie Engagement runs from 7-9 p.m. this Thursday, August 4.

“Essentially, there will be a unique band for each tune, made up of guitars, strings, brass and woodwinds, drums, keys, and a bunch of kick-ass singers—the way David Bowie performed them,” says DeJesus.

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“One of the many reasons that Bowie is special is because he created unique expressions while utilizing and respecting the established genres that he admired—blues, funk, motown (and so much more), yet his music and lyrics are so personal that his tones are his own.,” says DeJesus. “When you study it, his respect of the people who created those motions is undeniable.”

The final song will feature a choir of 35 artists, including:

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