DECK THE WALLS: A Pop-Up Art Market Opens in Hoboken for the Month of December

DECK THE WALLS: A Pop-Up Art Market Opens in Hoboken for the Month of December

by Nan Husid
(ABOVE: painting by esteemed Hoboken Artist Lou Carbone)

Main Street Pops, a pop-up programming company who has reimagined what Main Street means by creating a series of hyper-local events in Hoboken to engage the community, has debuted a Pop-Up Art Market to exhibit and sell local art throughout the month of December.  This art show is a regional showcase of fine art from all over New Jersey and the surrounding areas, exhibiting a diverse range of works by both established and newly discovered artists.

The team behind Main Street Pops has teamed up with Field Colony, a Hoboken-based gallery and work space, to turn the old Santander bank space just steps from Hoboken’s PATH train into a local art exhibition, which will introduce various works of art throughout the month. They have also “pop-ulated” a former dentist’s office around the corner at 33 Newark Street with additional artwork in a revolving gallery that will be open through December 22nd.

Their goal was to offer a wide range of art that offers something for everyone, from serious collectors to art lovers.   All works on display are for sale and range in price, style and medium. 

Some of the established artists on exhibit include Jersey City artist Tim Daly, whose landscapes of Venice Beach at dusk play with light and tone like a photograph.

There is a series of landscape and cityscape aerial views by Roy Kinzer, inspired by digitally altered satellite images and maps, that makes us contemplate privacy in the age of google maps, while a series of President Donald Trump by Ray Guzman inspires contemplation and conversation of a different kind.

Matthew Paul Cleary’s paintings reflect his continued search to find order and harmony in chaos, and the transposed images depicted in the vivid and bold paintings of the late Hoboken pop artist Ken Meads uplift and engage.

Anthony E. Boone’s powerful artwork often uses spoons, rocks and wood stains to express the spirit of free movement, energy and emotion.

The abstract decorative designs of painter and sculptor Juan Restrepo create vivid, contrasting colors that create a balanced chaos on the canvas.

With diverse influences that include cubism, surrealism and the Mexican muralists, artist Lou Carbone’s paintings are a series of colorful images depicting sexual tension between his subjects set in every day settings.

The Art market will also introduce works from local emerging artists, such as textural painting by plaster artist Zac Gross,  an eclectic mix of portraits, pop art and abstract pieces by Lawrence Ciarallo, and minimal compositions of conceptual and figurative artist Aaron Boucher.

Rob Ventura is an emerging mixed-media artist whose abstract representations of plant life forms are inspired by classical botanical illustrations.

Elizabeth Ann Tokoly,  a contemporary jewelry artist who founded EatMetal, Inc., a gallery and metals studio in the Monroe Arts Center Building, will display her unique and original wearable art pieces.

Local photographer Joe Epstein will display a range of his city, land and waterscapes as well.

The pop up art space will also debut exhibits by Norman Stiles, who has created sculptural art from locally salvaged metal found around Hoboken and Jersey City, and mixed media artist Chesleigh Meade, a stay-at-home mom of three who has launched her art career mostly in Hoboken restaurants and cafes. A View With A Room, a North Jersey artist collective, will also curate a room in the space, presenting accessible artwork to bridge the gap between local artists and the average art admirer.

The space at 86 River Street is open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays, from 3-9pm, and  11am-7pm on the weekends through December 22nd. Private showings are also available on Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment only. 

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