Delusional Massholes Throw a Taylor-Hamfisted Jab at Jersey

Delusional Massholes Throw a Taylor-Hamfisted Jab at Jersey

You talkin’ to me, Baahsten Globe?!?!

A couple of hacks from the Boston Globe (yes, it took TWO of them to crap this out) penned a droll, unengaging article that was seemingly meant to criticize President Trump‘s vacation choice of New Jersey.

So, so tiresome.

Sure—people go to Massachusetts when they want to “get away from it all,” because there’s nothing there… just a bunch of witch-burning, Dunkin’ swilling social deviants who can’t pronounce the letter “R.”

Let’s do a tale of the tape:

  • We’ve got Frank Sinatra, you’ve got the New Kids On The BlockADVANTAGE: New Jersey
  • We’ve got Bruce Springsteen, you’ve got James TaylorADVANTAGE: New Jersey
  • We’ve got the Birthplace of Baseball, you’ve got the Red SoxADVANTAGE: New Jersey
  • We’ve got “The Sopranos,” you’ve got “Spenser: For Hire“—ADVANTAGE: New Jersey
  • We’ve got Red Chowder, you’ve got White ChowderADVANTAGE: Massachusetts (we’ll give you that one…)
  • We’ve got Taylor Ham, you’ve got NOTHING

The quintessential Boston song is “Dirty Water,” and you want to trash-talk our state? Get the f**k outta here…

Not every state can deal with Christie AND Trump, and still look this good.


Authored by: hMAG