DIG THIS: The Painstaking Process of Hoboken Snow Removal

DIG THIS: The Painstaking Process of Hoboken Snow Removal

We spent all day Monday complaining about the snow to come. Then we spent all day Tuesday complaining about the snow that didn’t come.

Now it’s Wednesday, which means it’s time to complain about the snow we DID get.

While we didn’t get walloped with the “paralyzing,” “biblical” storm, as foretold by “The Book of Bombogenesis,” we did get some snow—about 4-6 inches.

In a densely populated area such as ours, that relatively light snowfall begins to manifest itself as a colossal pain in the ass after about 24 hours—as it transforms from idyllic, fluffy wonderland to harsh, abrasive icepack sprinkled with an unhealthy dose of Frank Zappa lyrics.

The City of Hoboken will commence snow removal this morning, so PLEASE MOVE YOUR CARS.

Plows and payloaders will be clearing streets that would otherwise be “swept” on a Wednesday.


That’s cool… but it also means the rest of the streets will languish in an icy tomb until someone gets around to clearing them next week.

That’s where you come in, proud citizen of Hoboken

In the time it takes you to type a sternly worded facebook post about how the Mayor herself has failed to come dig out your car for you, you could go outside and chip away at the snow pile on the street in front of your house. You don’t need to clear it—just break it up a bit.

Over the next few days, temps will be hovering at or above freezing. By breaking up the snow pile and increasing the exposed surface area, you will expedite the melting process (science, bro…)—while making it easier for cars to pull in and out. Otherwise, we’re left with rock solid ice berms dotting the streets, making the already painful Hoboken parking process all the more unbearable.

This is just a suggestion, mind you. Being proactive could actually make the slightest bit of difference, whereas griping online while you wait for the City to dig you out will probably get us right back where we were last year.

Take it on board, and be careful out there.

Think to yourself: What Would Zappa Do?

Authored by: hMAG

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