FARE THEE WELL: Promoter/Performer Dave Entwistle Moves on From Maxwell’s

FARE THEE WELL: Promoter/Performer Dave Entwistle Moves on From Maxwell’s

(ABOVE: photo by Chris Capaci/Capacity Images)

Hoboken’s iconic Maxwell’s has been through more than its share of changes over the years. The latest comes with the announcement that Promoter/Performer Dave Entwistle, who has handled much of the booking over the past 3 years, will be moving on.

In a statement made on his own facebook page, Entwistle cites, “a long overdue album of original songs to record and some new music business ventures,” as the catalyst for his departure.

The famous venue at 11th & Washington has long served as the pillar of the Hoboken music community. Its “closure” in 2013 (*EDIT: earlier version read 2012. The eagle-eyed Jim Testa was quick to correct us. Thank you, Jim) saw the end of an era, where the back room hosted bands like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Springsteen, The Feelies, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, Yo La Tengo, and so many more under the management of co-owner Todd Abramson. Maxwell’s Tavern, opened a few months later, but not before gutting the world-famous stage area. After a short-lived attempt to make the space a restaurant, the new incarnation realized it needed live music, and a stage was reinstalled.

Since then, Entwistle has shepherded an impressive array of bands and acts back into the fold at Maxwell’s—stretching beyond its historical comfort zone to garner a broader audience, hosting everything from sold-out country music shows, blues shows, quality cover bands and an eclectic variety of touring and local talent.

Chris Capaci/Capacity Images photo

Chris Capaci/Capacity Images photo

Last March, however, the business was listed for sale on a real estate site, prompting many to question the future of the venue.

“We were contacted,” owner Pete Carr told hMAG in March, “and the numbers were interesting. So we decided to test the waters, and see if there were any potential opportunities with the right investors.”

But for now, booking duties will be taken over by director of marketing, Matt Kulik. “If I booked a show with you between now and December then your booking is still good,” says Entwistle.

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