Gov. Chris Christie: One-Man Economic Stimulus

Gov. Chris Christie: One-Man Economic Stimulus

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We’re not here to judge.

While our esteemed Governor Chris Christie is telling anyone who will listen that he’ll “crackdown” on marijuana should he ever become President, it turns out he has no problem with the munchies.

According to, Gov. Christie has spent 80% of his state allowance on “food, alcohol and desserts”—a total that adds up to $300,000 dollars… roughly 3x the average annual income of a Hoboken household.

That’s a lot of chicken wings

SURE—we could pile it on here and denounce such extravagant excess, pointing out other practical, reasonable and less overtly gluttonous uses for New Jersey taxpayer money. But why climb on a high horse? After consuming $300K worth of food and booze, we’ll only break that poor horse’s back.

So let’s get down to business here for a second…

Look—we know we’ve had our issues in the past, Gov. Christie, but apparently the Department of Justice has determined that’s all behind us now.

On behalf of Hoboken’s bustling hospitality industry, hMAG cordially invites you to come and spend some of your allowance right here in Hoboken.

The Mile Square City offers some of the best dining options in the Garden State—and our legendary bar scene happily takes debit cards.

It turns out the Governor spent as much as $82,594 watching football games. That could go a long way buying buckets on Sunday Funday at any one of Hoboken’s myriad NFL-centric bars. If you ask nicely, maybe we’ll even put the Cowboys game on for you…

Football season too far off? That’s cool. We have an Irish Fest going on this weekend down at Sinatra Park—least you can do is swing by and get a round of pints for the crowd.

Hell, it’s our money…

Bring It

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