MILE SQUARE SPECTACULAR: Bringing True Variety to the Entertainment Scene — Friday, April 13 @ Mile Square Theatre

MILE SQUARE SPECTACULAR: Bringing True Variety to the Entertainment Scene — Friday, April 13 @ Mile Square Theatre

The Mile Square Spectacular pulls back into the port of Hoboken once again, after its mind-blowing maiden voyage last October.

“Honestly, it was everything I could have hoped for,” says musician and event co-founder Bill McGarvey. “The original idea grew from just doing music and comedy to including all these other types of performers—acrobats, magicians, jugglers etc that aren’t often seen unless you go to a few venues in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The fact that we were able to sell out the first time—and how incredible the crowd reaction was—really confirmed that there’s an audience in Hoboken/JC/Weehawken that are looking for a night out that is different from the usual drinks/dinner/movie routine.”

This time around, the objective is to improve upon perfection—running with a solid formula that worked so well for all in attendance last time.

“The idea was always that we would have enough different kinds of acts that if you didn’t like one, just hold on for 7 minutes and something else entirely will be on stage. What I discovered was that instead of people NOT liking acts that they came up to me that night and in the months following and would start raving about what they loved…amazed at the kinds of talent out there. Invariably when they were reminded of another act they would light up at the memory of it and gush about that,” says McGarvey. “The notion of VARIETY entertainment has been lost over the past 40 years, it’s a form that used to be on TV all the time before we were born—Ed Sullivan, Smothers Brothers etc. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months checking out all these variety shows and I’ve come across some incredible, and really unique, talent. There’s definitely real energy out there for the variety arts… it kind of reminds me of the underground music scene from 25 years ago.”

Mile Square Spectacular co-founders, Bill McGarvey and Jim Dodge will be joined on stage by:

  • Keith Nelson, Variety performer extraordinaire and co-founder of the legendary
    Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
  • Corn Mo, Brooklyn-based one-man band mixing circus music, glam rock, and humorous novelty songs. Touring with Nick Offerman, They Might Be Giants, Tragedy (an all metal tribute band to the Bee Gees).
  • Tanya Gagne, is an internationally known aerialist and burlesque performer
  • Team Circus, multi-talented acrobats/aerialists
  • Nigel Blackstorm, the Heavy Metal Magician
  • Hoboken resident, New York City storytelling/comedy mainstay—and recent recipient of a glowing “New Yorker” profile—Adam Wade (HBO’s “GIRLS,” Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer,” “New Yorker” winner of 20 SLAMS at The Moth)
  • Magic Brian (Late Show with David Letterman) incorporates the old with the new—using inspiration from circus sideshow acts and classic magic effects—while adding his own humorous and sometimes outrageous twist to it all. He has brought his unique mix to stages and street theater’s all over the world.

The April 13 performance will once again be held at Hoboken’s Mile Square Theatre (1400 Clinton Street). “It’s a great space that too few Hobokenites know about—really intimate and comfortable,” says McGarvey. “One of the reasons we wanted to do it there was that Jim and I had attended a show 18 months ago and we both couldn’t believe what a hidden gem MST was in town and that it needed more exposure so people could discover that Hoboken has this great cultural resource.”

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“We have an incredible array of talent that I think people will enjoy,” says McGarvey. “As always, Expect the Unexpected.”

Authored by: hMAG