Gold N’ Brown Birthday Bash—TONIGHT @ Finnegan’s

Gold N’ Brown Birthday Bash—TONIGHT @ Finnegan’s

“Before there was electricity in Ireland there was Irish music,” says Liam Brown. Of course he’d know, because seemingly he’s that old.

As we noted back in May, traditional Irish music is the musical equivalent of Viagra. In that respect, Gold N’ Brown are legendary for their endurance.

“A typical GNB show is minimum 4 hours,” says Brown, “and when it’s over it’s usually because it’s closing time not because we’re tired. You can’t get tired when you’re having the greatest time of your life—and we are, every single time we play.”

Gold N’ Brown take the stage tonight at Finnegan’s, celebrating Brown’s birthday.

Brown, along with Lloyd Gold, David Ribyat and Chuck Tumulty, always bring the artistic skill and the passionate exuberance to turn any given night into a full-blown seisún.

Stop by tonight and see if the auld fella still has it in him.

After all, Guinness is just Geritol mixed with craic.


Authored by: hMAG