Led Zeppelin Engagement Drops the ‘Hammer of the Gods’ on Sinatra Park — THURSDAY, JULY 13 @ 7 p.m.

Led Zeppelin Engagement Drops the ‘Hammer of the Gods’ on Sinatra Park — THURSDAY, JULY 13 @ 7 p.m.

Valhalla I am coming…” to Sinatra Park—this “Thor’s Day” evening, as some of the area’s exceptional talent pay homage with The Led Zeppelin Engagement.

After a wonderfully successful event last summer celebrating the musical community of Hoboken by performing the music of David Bowie, the creative minds at ALEO Productions and the City of Hoboken are repeating the event with another iconic band.


This summer’s Sinatra Park Series brings back a collection of Hoboken’s finest musicians to celebrate the music of Led Zeppelin.

“Founded by a concrete groove of bass and drums and launched with an incredibly soaring vocal and guitar combination, Led Zeppelin released strong and aggressive rock and roll while respecting and embracing the patience of the blues,” says Jaime De Jesus, of ALEO Productions.

“Their influence in every instrument still resonates strongly in music today, and has educated so many musicians, including our own. The Hoboken music community is excited to share their interpretation of this music that has made such an impact on the world.”

In total, over three-dozen local musicians will be on hand to participate in what is bound to be an amazing night.

“Instead of going the normal route and having each artist or a band perform a rendition of a tune, I assigned specific tunes to each artist for the purpose of these musicians in the community to intermingle with each other. Essentially, there will be a unique band for each tune, made up of guitars, strings, brass and woodwinds, drums, keys, and a bunch of kick-ass singers,” says DeJesus.

“I’m incredibly excited about putting this show on. It will be a way to show the non-music community the potent level of skill and beauty that our own fellow Hobokenites hold.”

– The Led Zeppelin Engagement –
Thursday, July 13
Sinatra Park
7 p.m.


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