Hoboken Mayor Addresses Potential Cuts in PATH Overnight Service

Hoboken Mayor Addresses Potential Cuts in PATH Overnight Service

Following Christie and Cuomo’s joint announcement that they would ignore the recommendations from state legislatures and follow their own path toward Port Authority reform, concern has grown locally regarding potential cuts in overnight PATH train service—a move that would significantly impact Hoboken residents.

In a press release, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer made the following statement:

“I will vigorously oppose any efforts to cut PATH service,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This irresponsible proposal is a classic example of being penny wise and dollar foolish. Shutting down overnight PATH service will cost the State of New Jersey many times the supposed savings in lost economic activity, sales tax and business tax revenues. Cities like Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark are growing because residents and businesses want good access to transportation options like the PATH. It is incomprehensible that any New Jersey official would be willing to even consider this proposal that would only hurt the State’s economy.”

“We should be investing to expand, not limit our regional transit system,” added Mayor Zimmer. “I applaud the report recommendations to build a new Port Authority Bus Terminal and pursue additional trans-Hudson tunnel capacity and hope the recommendation to undermine the PATH system is quickly scrapped.”

The PATH train is an essential artery to and from Hoboken, offering a means in and out of the city not only for Hoboken residents, but for people throughout New Jersey and beyond who use the NJ Transit rail and bus service at the Hoboken Terminal.

The potential move to alter train service comes at a precarious time for Hoboken, as the City is involved in contentious discussions to redevelop the area around the Terminal.

Authored by: hMAG