Hoboken Police Seeking Info on Anti-Asian Graffiti

Hoboken Police Seeking Info on Anti-Asian Graffiti

Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante reports that officers responded to 222 Clinton Street on Saturday when graffiti was found on the ground in front of the garage doors.

Investigative Detective Bret Globke and PO Ryan Houghton spoke with nearby residents, but no one had any idea of who might have spray painted, “1 AMOR = 3 C***** USA #1 C***** DIE” on the sidewalk. Nor have there been any similar incidents reported in this area.

Detectives have secured surveillance footage, which shows a suspect in the area at approximately 10:56 p.m. Friday.

The male suspect—described as a light skin male, bald, with a medium build, wearing dark colored clothing and dark shoes—walked south on Clinton Street from 3rd Street, stopped in front of the garage door of 222 Clinton St. and proceeded to spray paint on the ground. He then entered the parking lot of the building and shortly after, left the lot and walked south on Clinton towards 2nd St at approximately 11:11 p.m.

According to Human Rights Watch, there has been a significant uptick of hate speech, bias and even violence against the Asian community amid the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus. The origins of the virus have been traced back to Wuhan, China.

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Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla stated, “Hate has absolutely no place in Hoboken – not now, not in the future, not ever. Hoboken is a fair and welcoming City where all are equal and accepted, and I stand with our Asian American community in condemning this racist act in the strongest terms possible. I thank our Hoboken Police Department for responding to the scene and taking quick action to investigate this incident. I encourage anyone with information about this act to please call the police at 201-420-2113 or 201-420-5112.”

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Anyone with information can please call Detective John Quinones at 201-420-2113 or D/Sgt. William Collins at 201-420-5112, or email them at:  Quinonesj@hobokenpd.org and collinsw@hobokenpd.org.


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