This Is Our Last Winter Weather Update of 2014-15

This Is Our Last Winter Weather Update of 2014-15

We’re actually running out of stuff to say. In fact, we’ve already used this image before. We’re just done with it now… it’s no fun anymore, and we’re shutting it down.

But you don’t really need us to tell you it sucks outside. Just look out the window.

Today will be miserable, with a chance of increased misery later on tonight. Tomorrow will be downright lousy, with some sort of precipitation falling from the sky.

That’s all we’ve got at this stage. We’re just mailing it in…

Here’s a link for better coverage.

If you look at the extended forecast on that link, it shows better weather next week. But that’s a hollow prospect right now…

So, whatever. We’re probably going to go have a drink now. Yeah, it’s before noon—don’t judge us. We just want to be left alone for awhile.

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