LepreGone: Hoboken Pubcrawl Continues to Wither

LepreGone: Hoboken Pubcrawl Continues to Wither

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There are still some Hobokenites left who remember that the annual Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a signature community event. However, years of debauched behavior and hotly debated administrative decisions saw the cancellation of the parade in 2012.

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What took its place was a green-tinged brew and brofest known as “LepreCon,” essentially driving any cultural significance out of the event and turning it into a cheesy pubcrawl.

For nearly a decade, LepreCon has cast a pall over the first Saturday in March, putting residents on edge and leaving authorities to guess just how much of a mess it might be. Numbers have dwindled significantly over the years, but the apprehension still remains.

Hoboken St. Patrick's Day After-Action Report: 11 Arrested, Less Than 100 Fined, 32 Hospitalized

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According to Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante, there were 377 calls for service yesterday, with 32 moving violations, 16 summonses issued, 12 people sent to the hospital and 6 arrests.

A quick glance at those arrests underscores the reality that the problems stem not from Hoboken residents, but from out of towners. Most of the crowds and issues remained contained to the downtown area in the vicinity of the PATH train.

Meanwhile at Cork City (239 Bloomfield Street), this was the scene:

By most accounts, LepreCon is a net negative for businesses and residents alike in Hoboken. With City officials satisfied in the fact that LepreCon is dying, the once-proud community Parade it supplanted seems like an ever-fading memory.

A number of proposals have been put forward for restoring a more controlled Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day celebration—involving a world-class cultural event on Pier A, with bars and restaurants ultimately benefiting from a steady surge in foot traffic all day long, rather than the tsunami of green that crashes against their doors as early as 8:00 a.m. for LepreCon.

But that vision has failed to materialize over the past 8 years.

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Slán go fóill, Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day…


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