MGSP Sees “Signs” of Success With New Release

MGSP Sees “Signs” of Success With New Release

Childhood best friends Gregg Sgar and Matt Pelosi have joined forces to form MGSP, fusing powerful rock lyrics and vocals with modern electronic music.

Their most recent release, “Signs,” as stellar example of this combo at work.

“‘Signs’ is about struggling with depression and the day to day routine. Having to face this disease ourselves, and seeing it take control of our loved one’s lives caused this song to pour out. We’d like to showcase ‘Signs’ to anyone dealing with depression, or trying to stay mentally and physically balanced,” says the band.

MGSP fearlessly pushes boundaries by blending sounds of rock, pop, EDM, r&b, industrial, and hip hop. Years of performing rock and EDM enabled Matt and Gregg to come together and showcase their experience into an unconventional live performance highlighting their chemistry, and raw energy in a contagiously unique pop-centric sound.

“Signs” was released just last week:

Meanwhile, Gregg Sgar may be a familar name to some in the Hudson County music scene, having served as Maxwell’s Live Sound Engineer ‘Sound Guy’, Sound Engineer of events for Cultural Affairs Department with Geri Fallo. He’s also a Graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, owner of Forbidden Studios where he’s reportedly working on Hoboken musician Dave Entwistle‘s new record.

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