ORDER UP: Hoboken Shake Shack Finally (Almost) Ready

ORDER UP: Hoboken Shake Shack Finally (Almost) Ready

What may be one of the most anticipated, tumultuous fast-food chain rollouts in Hoboken history will finally come to its beefy conclusion next week, as Shake Shack is reportedly set to open at 107-111 Washington Street on March 29.

Since 2017, rumors of NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer’s chain of burger joints opening a Hoboken location have been confirmed/denied/neither-confirmed-nor-denied following a particularly salty zoning board meeting over the lot adjacent to Walgreens. At the time, Shake Shack was an alleged tenant for the ground floor retail space.

When the plan was initially denied, the Zoning Board was publicly grilled for their decision. In an effort to turn down the heat, Shake Shack Truthers began denying the notion that the burger joint was ever truly interested in the location.

Six months later, the building was approved as a five-story mixed-use building with 5,700 sq/ft of retail space and 9 residential units. Two years after that, Shake Shack announced they were hiring for their Hoboken location.

Now, after much ado — and loads of free marketing for a Hoboken Shake Shack — the shop will open next week.

“Three years ago the zoning board turned down the initial application,” said Hoboken First Ward Councilman Michael DeFusco, “a denial that I argued at the time showed flaws in our dated Hoboken zoning code.” Via social media, DeFusco added, “Since then I’ve advocated for and been proud to pass pro-business planning laws that expand our business districts, and incentivize neighborhood retail, making it easier to open up small and mid-sized businesses in Hoboken.”

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The building at 107-111 Washington Street was designed by architect John Nastasi. As for Shake Shack, the social media response seems overwhelmingly positive for the brand’s foray into Hoboken. Perhaps even former Mayor Dawn Zimmer will stop by for a quick bite.


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