BE PREPARED: 2017 Hurricane Season Underscores Need for Readiness

BE PREPARED: 2017 Hurricane Season Underscores Need for Readiness

(ABOVE: Projected path of Hurricane José—one of three active hurricanes that could potentially impact our region in days/weeks to come; via National Hurricane Center.)

Look… we’re not going to sit here and constantly yell, “THE SKY IS FALLING.” All we’re saying is that the sky CAN fall—we’ve seen it fall before.

The 2017 Hurricane Season is already breaking records, and we’re barely beyond Labor Day. Right now there are THREE active hurricanes impacting the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. As Irma chugs across the islands toward Florida, Katia sits parked off the Yucatan while José builds strength in the Atlantic. All of these storms can potentially impact us in some way, shape or form—either directly, as was the case with Sandy, or via remnants that produce heavy rains and flood our city.

So be proactive—take the time NOW to prepare for adverse weather conditions here in Hoboken. We’ve all seen the empty store shelves, price gouging on water and lines at the gas stations down South. You can avoid all of that anxiety by making a plan, stocking up on supplies and being ready for whatever Mother Nature may or may not have in store for us.

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Authored by: hMAG