RAVE — “Best Wings in Hoboken” at Carpe Diem

RAVE — “Best Wings in Hoboken” at Carpe Diem

Hoboken establishments catch a lot of flack because of the proliferation of chicken wings on the menu.

But it’s simple supply and demand—everyone loves a good chicken wing.

Yet some places tend to overthink it. At the St. Francis Church “Wing and a Prayer” contest, the winner has been the straightforward Buffalo-style chicken wing, fried to perfection by Carpe Diem (1405 Grand Street)—beating out all manner of exotic variation to be named Best Chicken Wing in Hoboken.

2019 UPDATE: Winner, Winner—Chicken Dinner!!!

While a bar with a Latin name is bound to do well with a Catholic Church, the real winner is the basic recipe. “People would say, ‘really, just a Buffalo wing?’” says proprietor Joe Jones. “We keep it simple and do it right, and that’s what people like in the end.”

The Buffalo Wing itself recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary, doing just fine for a half-century using the following formula:

– melted, clarified unsalted butter
– cayenne pepper hot sauce
– plain, un-breaded chicken wings

Fry the wings in vegetable oil, coat with the butter/hot sauce and serve with BLUE CHEESE dressing (not ranch or creamy Italian or peanut butter or any other improvised crap like that) and celery sticks.

Sound like too much work? Just go to Carpe Diem—they obviously know what they’re doing…


Carpe Diem—"Best Wings in Hoboken" two years in a row!!!

Carpe Diem—”Best Wings in Hoboken”

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